Insighting Human Behavior thru Gravity Wave Simulations of the Moon

Every police officer will tell you that when there is a full moon, the natives are restless and it will be a long night, with lots of arrests and paperwork? This is a known fact one which cannot be dismissed so easily after such basic observations. An evolutionary theorist would say this is because on moonlit nights our ancient ancestors went on night hunts or that the Sabertooth tigers came to hunt us? Some say these things date back to our Tree Shrew ancestry, all of which Darwin might agree is plausible. Other more spiritual folks might say it is a special time, which brings out human emotion and spirits? Sounds cool to me. I could go for that one? Whatever the case is Lunar Cycles and full moons cause or help along Earth Shift movements of Tectonic plates, coincide with ocean wave actions and indeed cause the behavior shift of many life forms on the Planet’s surface. Could this be from an interaction of gravity waves between Earth and Moon? If so does it affect the resonance of mother Earth’s 7.89 Hz or heartbeat?

What if we take these variations from these interactions and intensify them; using wave manipulation on the human brain. Oh no, you are so evil; you are now saying? Must be those spirits coming out for the next moon cycle, but all kidding aside, can we insight human emotion, emotional out bursts or even fear thru gravity wave simulations on the human body. Can we use sound directional technologies to focus it on someone’s skull while they are in a completely scientific environment? What kinds of behavior can we expect? Well as our policemen friends say we might expect some rather rotten, hostile or aggressive behavior. Indeed this maybe the case, but whatever it is we will find, we need to experiment and see, as the opposite might be like music to the common beast. Thus we have a way to heal, or mellow out as well or alert a population in times of impending danger to take charge to defend themselves. In times of war we can get our enemy to make a move and come out of hiding rather than wait to see where we will be attacked in an ambush. Anyway, think on this.

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