Carbon Nano Tube Sheets for Sea World

Carbon Nanotubes will be incredibly strong and transparent; there are many possible uses for them such as military cockpit canopies, bulletproof glass or car windshields. Glass weighs a lot, especially in an SUV with glass all around, that could be as much as 700 pounds? If you can reduce that much weight in a car you could get an extra two miles to the gallon. So just that alone guarantees a future for carbon nanotubes, but there is more.

But it gets better; the nanotubes are good conductors of electricity and will work well as flat panel displays. Additionally they are somewhat flexible. So imagine the applications? Now then since we have this awesome technology coming online, I propose we use these nanotube transparent flexible sheets for the Sea World under water tanks.

When a dolphin comes near you will see the dolphin and its RFID Tag will tell the clear nanotube clear wall to display the name for you to see? Perhaps it will then display a TV size video information virtual panel. So your viewing experience comes with the knowledge too. Since the nanotube sheets are flexible if will move with the water too and be completely safe in any seismic event; of course this is just one application for nanotube sheets, the uses are endless. Think on this.

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