Carbon Nano Tube Sheets for Pipelines

The applications for materials like carbon nanotube sheets are endless, yet one application seems almost to good to be true. Nanotube sheets are light, flexible, strong, transparent and can conduct electricity. All of which are ideal for use in pipelines. Imagine being able to see inside a pipeline and then press a button and it becomes opaque again? Imagine an Earthquake and the pipeline wiggles a little like a garden hose, not even noticing that buildings are falling down around it? Since it is so strong, it will not break if something falls on it. It is easy to manufacture and ship since it does not weigh much at all. This means an 36 inch pipeline for oil or natural gas from the Permian Basin in TX to Denver CO, would take very little time to put in and once you did you would never have to worry about it again, it would not break or leak, as it is 50 times stronger than steal. Science Fiction? Nope, not at all, in fact it is almost possible now. Using Carbon Nanotube sheets with incredibly strong and transparent qualities will make this possible.

Carbon nanotubes are being looked at for such applications as military cockpit canopies, bulletproof glass or car windshields. the nanotubes are good conductors of electricity and will work well as flat panel displays. Additionally they are somewhat flexible. So imagine the applications? Now then since we have this awesome technology coming online.

I propose we use all the qualities available to carbon nanotube sheets. You can walk up to a place on the pipeline and click a button on your surveillance PDA and it will display on the pipe in Virtual Reality a video and data set of the number of gallons flowing, flow rates, temperature, 24-hour summary of animals which passed by or humans? The possibilities are endless; imagine the ability to help us with our energy crunch on Natural Gas or our issues with oil supply? We can move more, faster and further than ever before and all this technology is nearly upon us, think on this?

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