A Working Writer’s Website – Publish, Promote and Profit

If you’re an online writer, you should definitely consider developing a website.
Perhaps you’ve been thinking about it, but you have some questions about the process…

This article will help to point you in the right direction and provide answers to questions like:

  • Why should you create a site?

  • What should you feature on your site?

  • How do you get started?

  • Who can you look to for examples?

  • Where can you find resources on the web?

Writers should produce a website to tell the world they exist!

Your own special place on the Internet can offer readers, publishers, businesses, other writers and prospective clients a glimpse into your world.

Features on your site can include:

  1. Your resume

  2. References (with names, titles, addresses, phone numbers and/or email contacts)

  3. A list of your services (what type of writing you do – creative, journalistic, academic, medical, business, marketing, public relations etc.)

  4. A sampling of your writing (full text articles, reports and/or features previously published or available for free publication)

  5. Links to your writings on the web (work on other websites – poetry, fiction, nonfiction, essays, commentary or other contributions)

  6. An option for viewers to access your writings via autoresponder (see page referenced below for where to get one for free – these sites will tell you how to use autoresponders too!)

Getting started is a fairly simple process with today’s variety of free services available online. Once you have created your site, you will need to promote it on the web.

Go to this page


to browse the lists of:

Free Website Providers

Free Autoresponders

Free Web Promotion Resources

Free Graphics & More

Free Tools

and you will also find links to some other writer’s websites for ideas…

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