Cause and Effect

"Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect." Ralph Waldo EmersonWhat is the "unique selling position" in your market? Luck will not propel you to success. Understand the "cause" of your market's problem by knowing your target. Solving their

Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is the “unique selling position” in your market? Luck will not propel you to success. Understand the “cause” of your market’s problem by knowing your target. Solving their problem is the “effect” they are looking for. Corporations have entire departments dedicated to finding out who buys from them so they can hone in on that market segment. They do that by profiling not only who buys from them, but who is their competition. Successful marketing campaigns listen to their market. It’s about connecting a hidden desire or an expressed desire in a market, a target market. Your job is to identify where those minds are, find them and then connect with them. You don’t have to be a corporation. It’s your job to do your own research and it’s available to you through your competition.

Singularly look at writing to one person rather than a group. When you get this one concept down, your copy will stick like glue to the reader because it’s just the 2 of you in the room. It’s a real easy thing to say “everybody is my target market” but it’s not. Your target market is only those potential customers who are suitable for your products or services. You really have to know exactly who you’re talking to so you can provide the solution to their problem. That’s why I demolish those roadblocks for you in my highly acclaimed workbook and audio CD, Red Hot Copy to Woo Your Target Market.

A to już wiesz?  Listen, Listen, Listen

Copywriting is interactive between the reader and the writer. You want him or her to keep reading so you have to engage the reader. When you get in touch with your TARKET, that’s where you really make the sale. You need to know everything about who you’re writing for. In other words, start with the catch in the mind instead of the pitch.

Remember that it’s not about you. Eugene Schwartz, Copywriting Master says, “The creativity is in your market and in your product, and all you are doing is joining the 2 together. And the only way you can get the creativity out of your product and your market is to dig it out. And the only way you can dig it out is dig it out more than anybody else digs it out.

International copywriting trainer, author and speaker, Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero has been a freelance writer and journalist for over 25 years. Her words have made her clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now she focuses her vast experience on teaching others the skill of copywriting. Lorrie is the author of a highly acclaimed copywriting course, creator of the Red Hot Copywriting Bootcamp and founder of Copy Campus, a unique membership resource site designed to support copywriters and entrepreneurs on all levels. Visit her site to learn more at

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