Teleconferences – 15 Ways to Promote ePrograms Of Any Kind

It is true that this article is directly more towards
teleclasses, yet, the ten tips also included hold true for
any type of electronic Learning (eLearning) marketing and

Teleconferences, also known as teleclasses or teleseminars
depending on the presentation format, are the second hottest
marketing delivery technique for 2004. This delivery format
satisfies the yearn to learn and opens an exchange to
unbelievable global portions.

Previously called distance learning, the teleclass format
actually began in the mid-1990s through higher learning
institutions. Now, without leaving your office or easy
chair, you can put on a headset, lean back and learn. No
parking challenges, gas usage, or travel time required.

Technology is exploding in this part of the communication
industry. In 2003 this market tripled their service
features for leaders, use and availability in on the
incline, and the attendance limitations of 30 a few years
ago now expands to 150. And in 2004, the market continues
to show that it will double even 2003s number.

Teleconference phone numbers are still limited to
availability in only certain states, like Florida and
Nevada. The pressure for other states to add
teleconferencing services at these reasonable rates is not
there yet. The bell is toiling louder every year.

Currently, you can purchase a personal-use 24/7 line in the
range of $600 a year. Alternatively, you can rent a line by
the hour from $10 up or even share a line.

You can find no cost teleconference lines, like I found these services less
than desirable. Many times, you get disconnect if you don’t
talk every 10 minutes or you are blocked from entering the
call if their lines are full.

No, teleconferencing will not take the place of „being
there”. Yet, some teleconference leaders can just about
bring you physically into feeling that same experience.
If you have never experience a teleconference, I recommend
that you do, but don’t just try one. The greatest benefit
to learning by phone is that you listening skills will reach
new heights quickly.

1. If you produce your own e-newsletter or printed
newsletter, you can add a teleconferencing announcement

2. Contact other e-newsletter or printed newsletter editors
and ask to have your teleconference announced in their
issues. You can swap for the space (your ad for their ad in
your e-newsletter), barter for a space in your session,
offer an affiliate option, purchase the space or pay per
click. You want to advertise with your focus target.

3. You can also run pay-per-click search engine ads. The
Google AdWords program is a great place to start. If you
purchase an ad analyzer software (average $100) or a service
(average $19.95/month) you will save time and make less
mistakes. It will also save you hours of analyzing your
own. Look for the ads that you pay more than a nickel each.

4. Place notices all over your web site — especially your
main page. Remember, this is a passive method (meaning that
you still need to get visitors to the site before they can
read it).

5. Write and distribute Internet articles on the same
subject. Unable to write, hire a ghostwriter. Allow three
months for this process to begin working. You will also want
to write and distribute at least three articles a month.
Don’t ignore this marketing avenue. This method is number
five on the top promotional methods for 2004.

If you are writing marketing articles a great media-posting
site is: Each site has it’s
own guidelines and speciality topics. To find other media-
distribution sites, visit and search
on „submit article” and „[your topic]”. Use your bio or
resource paragraph, usually limited to five or less 60-
character lines, to entice readers about your teleconference

6. Distribute your information globally. Whether using
Internet articles, advertising or any of the other methods
mentioned in item 2 and item 3 above. Find places in other
English-speaking countries like the United Kingdom, Canada,
Australia, and New Zealand.

7. Announce your teleconference calls on other people’s
teleconferences. You can slip it in with a question, when
you are responding to a „what do you do” segment, or ask the
leader before hand for an opening as a complimentary service
to theirs, for bartering, or even a commission.

8. Add a promotional paragraph to all your outgoing e-mail

9. Do you below to any discussion lists or boards that allow
you to post your teleconferences. Some do and some don’t.
If you are not sure, ask the group’s moderator. Off a
special price for members on the list.

10. Write a press release for each teleconference. Become a
member of PR Web — membership is
free. I found this site to be the best for a Google pickup.

11. Begin a list of all your local newspapers that offer
free community event announcements. Find out what their
deadline are and submission requirements. Create what they
need and send it to them about a week or two before their

As you get acquainted with working with your local
newspapers, you can then begin to start expanding to other
cities and locations. Choose a city and then do the same.
When done, choose another city. Start a binder with all the
information and set up your Internet browser with categories
and your e-mail software with a separate „Community
newspaper” section to keep yourself organized.

Eventually you will want to delegate this over to a Virtual

12. Write a telephone answering script and change your voice
mail frequently to mention your teleconferences.

13. Use fre*e offers to attract people to come and find out
additional information about your teleconferences. You can
use an ebook, ecourse, special report or even a white paper.
A transcript of another teleconference, if the same target
market, would also work well.

14. List your class in teleclass directories. Some of these
listing posting sites require that you complete „their”
teleclass-leading course. A big downfall in time and
expense. These include: has over 30 places to post your
listing (depends on your topic).

15. If you give speaking engagements or attend seminars,
give out flyers on your teleconference program. Works well
in networking groups too. Take the flyers to the libraries,
senior and civic centers..

Catherine Franz, a Certified Professional Marketing &
Writing Coach, specializes in product development, Internet
writing and marketing, nonfiction, training. Newsletters
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